"Tu Es Partout"

Edith Piaf

This Edith Piaf song (written by Piaf and Marguerite Monnot) was featured in the French film Montmartre sur Seine, which premiered in 1941 and featured Piaf in the role of Lily.

We loved each other tenderly
Like we loved all lovers
Then when day you left me
Ever since I've been desperate
I see you everywhere in the sky
I see you everywhere on the earth
You are my joy and my sun
My nights, my days, my clear dawns


You are everywhere because you are in my heart
You are everywhere because you are my happiness
Everything that is around me
Even life does not represent you
Sometimes I dream that I am in your arms
And you speak softly in my ear
You tell me things that make me close my eyes
And I find that marvellous

Maybe one day you will return
I know that my heart waits for you
You can not forget
The past days we spent together
My eyes never stop searching for you
Listen well, my heart calls you
We can love each other again
And you'll see life would be beautiful


Original french lyrics

During the preparations to defend Ramelle on June 13th, Corporal Upham provided a translation of this song, which was playing on a record player found amidst the blasted remains of the French town.