Source Material

A variety of source material has been used to create the Saving Private Ryan Online Encyclopedia. One of the most challenging aspects of researching the historical background of the film is verifying information, especially when various sources conflict.

Although I have made the best effort that I can to sort out such discrepancies, I cannot guarantee that any of the information in the site is 100% accurate, but then again neither can most history authors.

Below is a listing of the primary source materials that have been used to create this Web site.


Books and Magazines (Pending Research)

  • The D-Day Experience (Holmes)
  • After the Battle #103
  • National Geographic, June 2002

World Wide Web

Various Web sites have been used as source material, although in some cases these sites have already disappeared and are no longer available. I normally try to use books as source material before a Web site, but there are times when I've only been able to find certain pieces of information on the Web.

World War II reenactors, who spend a great deal of time and effort on historical accuracy, often have Web sites with excellent information. Unfortunately, these sites are often among those that disappear from the Web.


Although I am not a historian by trade, I have spent many years researching Saving Private Ryan, and have paid particular attention to the historical accuracy of the film. As I continue to research D-Day I also continue to revise and correct the site in order to assure that the information is as accurate as possible. — Robert Oliver, SPROE Webmaster


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