Dog Green Sector

The Omaha Beach Sector was divided into ten sub-sectors, with the names being derived from the military phonetic alphabet. Able and Baker sectors technically existed, but since there were no troops assigned to land in these areas, they are very rarely ever noted on maps. From west to east they were designated as follows:

  • Able Sector
  • Baker Sector
  • Charlie Sector
  • Dog Green Sector
  • Dog White Sector
  • Dog Red Sector
  • Easy Green Sector
  • Easy Red Sector
  • Fox Green Sector
  • Fox Red Sector

Fact vs. Fiction

Even though the movie indicates that Captain Miller's Rangers landed at Dog Green Sector, the real Company C of the 2nd Ranger Battalion landed at Charlie Sector, just adjacent to Dog Green Sector. This error can probably be explained by the number of printed sources that indicate that the Rangers landed at Dog Green. In doing research for this site I found a significant amount of conflict regarding which sector the Rangers landed at. I also discovered that many maps and references to Omaha Beach omit Charlie Sector completely.