Military Phonetic Alphabet

The United States military has used three phonetic alphabet systems. These are intended to help clarify communications and to prevent misunderstandings.

Before WW2 WW2 and Korea After Korea
A Affirm Able Alpha
B Baker Baker Bravo
C Cast Charlie Charlie
D Dog Dog Delta
E Easy Easy Echo
F Fox Fox Foxtrot
G George George Golf
H Hypo How Hotel
I Int Item India
J Jig Jig Juliet
K King King Kilo
L Love Love Lima
M Mike Mike Mike
N Negat Nan November
O Option Oboe Oscar
P Prep Peter Papa
Q Queen Queen Quebec
R Roger Roger Romeo
S Sad Sugar Sierra
T Tare Tare Tango
U Unit Uncle Uniform
V Victor Victor Victor
W William William Whiskey
X X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray
Y Yoke Yoke Yankee
Z Zebra Zebra Zulu