Sticky Bomb

sticky bomb

Alternately referred to as a sticky charge, sticky grenade or sticky bomb, the makeshift explosive employed by paratroopers during the Battle of Ramelle consisted of grease-covered socks filled with composition B or TNT explosive material. A fuse was inserted into the explosives and lit just before the explosive was placed on its target.

Although the first attempt to use one of the sticky bombs failed, and the paratrooper holding the device was blown apart instantly, two other paratroopers successfully planted two sticky bombs on a German Tiger tank. The resulting explosions knocked off the tank's tread and succeeded in immobilizing the tank and blocking the street.


Listed in the Ranger Handbook of Field Expedient Devices, the sticky bomb/grenade/charge should have been familiar to all of Captain Miller's men. Miller's explanation of the device was obviously designed largely for the sake of the movie audience, who might have been a bit amused at highly-trained soldiers suddenly taking off their socks and stuffing them with explosives.


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