716th Infantry Division

  • Command: LXXXIV Corps
  • Division Commander: Major General Wilhelm Richter

Germany's 716th Infantry Division was formed on May 2nd, 1941, and consisted largely of non-Germans or elderly German soldiers. The unit was transferred to German-occupied France in June of 1941, and was eventually moved to the Normandy coast in May of 1942.

During Operation Overlord the 716th Infantry Division was stationed behind Omaha Beach. As a static division composed of questionable quality troops, the 716th was designed for coastal defensive duties only.

Initial Allied intelligence only detected the presence of the 716th near Omaha Beach, and it was only days before the invasion that the presence of the 352nd Infantry Division was noticed. The 352nd had been moved into the area in March of 1944 and was positioned to the west of the 716th.

The division fought in the Normandy area until it was effectively destroyed in October of 1944. It was later reformed and sent to southern France, but was again destroyed near Colmar in January of 1945. The division was reconstituted as the 716th Volksgrenadier Division in April of 1945, and it was this unit that surrendered to Allied forces in May of 1945.

Order of Battle

  • 726th Infantry Regiment
    • 1st Battalion
    • 2nd Battalion (reserve)
    • 3rd Battalion
  • 441st Ost Battalion (attached)