Paratrooper Rice
  • Rank: Unidentified
  • Occupational Specialty: Paratrooper
  • Unit: 101st Airborne Division

On June 13th, 1944, Rice was one of a handful of paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division that were protecting a bridge spanning the Merderet River at Ramelle. When a squad of Rangers arrived in search of Private James Ryan, Ranger captain John Miller took command of the paratroopers and oversaw defenses in preparation for an expected attack by German armor and infantry. Rice and Trask surveyed the available weapons, and pointed out the obvious to Captain Miller; the defenders were ill-prepared to face the Germans.

After the Rangers and paratroopers were successful in luring a German Tiger tank into one of Ramelle's narrow streets, Rice and Garrity leapt from a crater and placed sticky bombs on the tank's wheels. The resulting explosions blew a track off of the tank and rendered it immobile and vulnerable to attack.

As the remaining Allied forces withdrew to the Alamo, a prepared position from where the bridge was to be destroyed if it were to fall into German hands, reinforcements arrived and drove the Germans from the area.


Rice's fate is not clear. He is last clearly seen running for the Alamo, and may be seen later as a soldier firing from the bridge.

Fact vs. Fiction

Rice is a fictional character.


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