• Rank: Unidentified
  • Occupational Specialty: Flamethrower operator
  • Unit: 2nd Ranger Battalion, Company C

Doyle was a flamethrower operator who survived the initial onslaught at Omaha Beach and participated in an attack on a German bunker after Rangers led by Captain Miller had cleared the Dog One draw.


The credits for Saving Private Ryan lists Glenn Wrage as playing a character named Boyle. The flamethrower operator is clearly called Doyle by Captain Miller, and that is the way the name is spelled in the DVD subtitles and the closed captioning.

On a technical note, flamethrowers were deployed in two-man teams consisting of an operator and an assistant. The assistant carried weapons for both men (a rifle and a carbine), extra fuel, and was required to open a valve on the back of the flamethrower before it could be used. Doyle does not appear to have an assistant.


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