"Czech Wehrmacht Officer"

Czech Wehrmacht officer in Saving Private Ryan
  • Rank: Unidentified
  • Occupational Specialty: Unidentified
  • Unit: Wehrmacht

Shortly after U.S. troops made it to the top of the bluffs on Omaha Beach near Dog One, this Czechoslovakian Wehrmacht officer (Martin Hub) attempted to surrender to a Ranger corporal and a Navy Beach Battalion sailor. The Ranger responded by shooting the officer, as well as another German that was trying to surrender.


The fate of this officer was not entirely uncommon in World War II. Soldiers who were taught to kill the enemy sometimes had difficulty simply stopping and taking prisoners. Some, like the Ranger corporal, killed surrendering soldiers on purpose, having had little regard for those who had only moments ago been trying to kill them.

The German 716th Infantry Division, part of the German defenses at Omaha Beach, was partially composed of foreign conscripts. Although the Nazi Party had certain ideas regarding the superiority of the German race, they had little problems using "lesser" races to fight for them.

Fact vs. Fiction

This unidentified officer is a fictional character.


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