SCR-300 Radio

SCR-300 radio

The SCR-300 "walkie talkie" portable radio entered service in early 1943 and saw combat action during the Allied landings at Anzio, Italy in January of 1944.

Galvin Manufacturing Co./Motorola of Chicago, Illinois produced approximately 50,000 SCR-300's during World War II.

SCR-300 operators were issued a lightweight M-1 carbine for their defense.


SCR-300 radios are seen numerous times during the opening scenes on Omaha Beach, most notably when Captain Miller tries to contact Naval units offshore, but the radio operator he is using is killed and his radio destroyed. A SCR-300 can also be seen in Neuville.

Before realizing that the SCR-300 that he is trying to use has been destroyed, Miller says "CATF, CATF." CATF is an acronym for Commander, Amphibious Task Force.

Conflicting sources indicate that SCR stands for either "Signal Corps Radio" or "set, complete, radio."


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Frequency Range: 40–48 MHz
Modulation: FM
Weight: 32–38 lbs.
Range: 10–20 miles