M1911 Automatic Pistol

M1911 Automatic Pistol

Designed by John Browning and based on the Colt Browning Model 1900, the M1911 automatic pistol was accepted by the U.S. Army on March 29th, 1911.

Its design was driven by the need for a pistol with more stopping power. M1911's were generally issued to soldiers whose duties made it difficult or impossible for them to carry a rifle or carbine.

Minor modifications were made to the design following the weapon's use in World War I, resulting in the M1911A1.

Although originally manufactured only by Colt, the pistol was made by numerous companies during World War II, including Ithaca, Remington-Rand and Union Switch.

The M1911 design is still in use today.


The M1911 is seen numerous times in Saving Private Ryan. The most notable are Private Reiben's confrontation with Sergeant Horvath, and Captain Miller's futile attack on an advancing Tiger tank.


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Caliber: .45
Length: 8.6 inches
Weight: 3 lbs.
Muzle Velocity: 825 feet per second
Magazine: 7 rounds