Private Parker
  • Rank: Private
  • Occupational Specialty: Paratrooper
  • Unit: 101st Airborne Division

On June 13, 1944, Parker (Demetri Goritsas) was part of a small 101st Airborne Division unit that had been ordered to defend or destroy a bridge that crossed the Merderet River at the French village of Ramelle.

After a small Ranger unit arrived at the village in search of Private James Ryan, the Rangers decided to remain in Ramelle and help the paratroopers repel an expected German attack. Parker was paired with Private Jackson, a Ranger sniper, and the two set up a position in a church belltower. Jackson was armed with a rifle, while Parker operated a .30 caliber machine gun. Although the two provided important fire support once the Germans launched their attack, the belltower was destroyed by a German tank destroyer, and Parker and Jackson were both killed.

Fact vs. Fiction

Parker is a fictional character.


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