Paratrooper Oliver
  • Rank: Unidentified
  • Unit: 101st Airborne Division, 506th Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company C

While recovering from a broken foot in Neuville, paratrooper Oliver (David Vegh) was questioned by Captain Miller of the 2nd Rangers concerning the location of Private James Ryan. Oliver's stick was supposed to have been dropped near Vierville, but heavy antiaircraft fire had forced their C-47 to take extensive evasive maneuvers and Oliver and his fellow paratroopers were scattered around Neuville. Although he did not personally know Ryan or his whereabouts, he did inform Miller that Ryan's company (Company B) had the same rally point as his own company.


Although his character is not given a name in the film, Oliver is listed in the credits and the character is specifically named in the Saving Private Ryan novelization.


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