Teller Mine 43

The German Teller Mine (plate mine) patter 43 was the standard anti-tank mine used by German forces in World War II. A circular, plate-shaped device with a built-in carrying handle, the Teller Mine was produced in four different models during the war:

  • Teller Mine 43
  • Teller Mine 1942
  • Teller Mine 35
  • Teller Mine 29

A simplified version of the Model 42, the Model 43 "Mushroom" was detonated when a protruding pin was forced into the mine due to the pressure of a tank or other heavy object impacting on the upper surface of the mine.

Another employment method, which required the use of a timer-based ignitor, was to directly attach the mine to an enemy vehicle using the tellermine's magnetic underside.

Approximately 3,622,900 of these mines were produced by Germany from 1943 to 1944.


While making a report to Colonel Anderson on D-Day +3, Captain Miller makes mention of a variety of mines that his unit had encountered.


Diameter: 12.5 inches
Height: 3.5 - 4 inches
Weight: 17 - 20 lbs.
Igniters: T.Mi.Z. 42
Trigger Weight: 240 - 400 lbs.
Explosive Charge: 11 lb. TNT