Flak 38 Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Flak 38 Anti-Aircraft Cannon

A modification of the Flak (Flugabwehrkanone) 30 anti-aircraft cannon, the 20mm Flak 38 featured a higher rate of fire that was needed to take into account the increasing speed of aircraft. Although the Flak 30 had been produced by Rheinmetall-Borsig, the Flak 38 was manufactured by Mauser.

The Flak 38 entered service in late 1940 and was the most common light anti-aircraft cannon used by the German army, navy and air force. The Sonderanhanger 51 trailer was used to tow the Flak 38. In order to increase firepower, a four-barrelled version, the Flakvierling 38, was also created.


A Flak 38 is seen during the German attack on the village of Ramelle. Although designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, its devastating effect on infantry can be clearly seen.

One of the flak guns used in Saving Private Ryan belonged to the Second Battle Group, a UK-based World War II re-enactment and historical society. This gun was non-functional and was not the one seen firing in the Ramelle scenes.


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Weight: 926 lbs.
Length: 88.7"
Elevation: -20° to +90°
Traverse: 360°
Ceiling: 7,218'
Rate of Fire: 420-480 rounds per minute